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  1. 『[Alexandros] Back To School!! celebrating Aoyama Gakuin's 150th Anniversary』
    「ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE」にて独占生配信決定

  2. triumphant return live "Back To School!! celebrating Aoyama Gakuin's 150th Anniversary" decision to hold

  3. Appearing at “rockin'on presents JAPAN JAM 2024“

  4. Mobile game 『Monster Strike』collab song「todayyyyy」

  5. Appearing at “ARABAKI ROCK FEST.24“

  6. 「Yoohei Kawakami's #room665 at THEATER MILANO-Za」

  7. Open-air festival THIS FES '24 in Sagamihara 2DAYS will be held on October 26 (Sat) & 27 (Sun), 2024

  8. "Yoohei Kawakami's #room665 at THEATER MILANO-Za" will be held

  9. 「Yoohei Kawakami's #room665 at THEATER MILANO-Za」12/25(月)公演 生配信決定

  10. "Sagamihara Tearing Partner"Special Ambassador Decided

  11. [Alexandros]"NEW MEANING TOUR 2023"Anniversary Fan Thanksgiving Campaign

  12. [Alexandros]"NEW MEANING TOUR 2023" Regarding goods sales

  13. Appearing at “L.U.T.D GIGS LIGHT UP THE DARKNESS vol,03 VIRGOwearworks 20th Anniversary Special“

  14. [Alexandros]×RUSSELL ATHLETIC Capsule Collection Announced

  15. Appearing at “FM802 ROCK FESTIVAL RADIO CRAZY 2023“

  16. Album「But wait. Cats?」Limited-press vinyl is due out December 20. UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE Limited Edition with Hand-signed T-shirt set to be released.

  17. Appearing at “DREAMS TOUR 2023-2024 FINAL MAKE YOUR DREAM“

  18. Appearing at “MERRY ROCK PARADE 2023“

  19. [Alexandros] 'NEW MEANING TOUR 2023' has been announced. The fastest [Alexandros] CREW member pre-sale is now open for registration.

  20. Appearing at “COUNTDOWN JAPAN 23/24“