1. Appearing at “1CHANCE FESTIVAL 2024“

  2. Appearing at “MY FIRST STORY Presents Giant Killing Tour 2024“

  3. [Alexandros] presents THIS FES ’24 in Sagamihara We announced a new performer as part 1.5.

  4. Announcement of the first lineup of performers and the official ticket lottery application for [Alexandros] presents「THIS FES '24 in Sagamihara」

  5. "SINGLE 1 TOUR" 物販整理券のご案内(更新)

  6. 「SINGLE 1 TOUR」公式チケットトレード

  7. CD single「SINGLE 1」to be released on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. And the details of FC members pre-order.

  8. Appearing at “TREASURE05X 2024“

  9. A regular program to broadcast special programs on Space Shower TV every month has started

  10. 「Back To School!! celebrating Aoyama Gakuin's 150th Anniversary」フォト販売スタート

  11. "SINGLE 1" will release a drama-tailored music video

  12. 東京スカパラダイスオーケストラの35th Anniversary TOUR「Voyage To Paradise」
    Zepp Nagoya公演に川上洋平のゲスト参加が決定

  13. 『10th WILD BUNCH FEST. 2024』出演決定

  14. Tracklist and jacket visual for CD single 「SINGLE 1」 which will be released on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 has been released.

  15. 『RUSH BALL 2024』出演決定

  16. Special bonus determined for purchasers by CD SHOP chain

  17. 日本テレビ系の音楽番組「with MUSIC」観覧募集

  18. 5/15発売CDシングル「SINGLE 1」


  20. It has been decided that "Wataridori" will be played as a train approach melody at Sagami Ono Station!